Well,  as we approach our opening weekend we feel excited,  nervous, happy,  greatful and exhausted.  We are excited for our campers  as they drive up the driveway trailer  behind them, find their spot and set up for a long weekend of fun times and memories. We are excited  to see the smiling faces, the sounds of children, the smell of campfires roasting marshmallows under a starry night sky and the aromas of a great meal from  bbq’s.  We are nervous as our new adventure starts to become real…..we feel happy as the campground looks alive with colour ; green grass, blooming flowers and the sounds of birds as they await for their spring babies chirping and singing so gracefully every moment of every day…….   We are greatful for the friends and family that have helped us with getting ready in so many ways…….  We are exhausted from full days of last minute things to be done…. one more picnic table to repair and paint one more firepit to put in place……..but it will be so worth it to see all of you all enjoying yourselves this weekend and everyday after for the 2017 camping  season at Bell Falls Family Campground.  We hope you will come to camp with us and make some friends and memories that will last a lifetime.