What a journey the campground has been for us…….Running a campground is very rewarding, we meet people from all over the world that make memories at Bell Falls that will last a lifetime.  We have our seasonal campers who are our extended family always there to offer support and help in our time of needs and these last 2 years we have needed that support and it has been there.    It has taken time to adjust to running a campground as it is a very different lifestyle but very rewarding as well.  We will continue to learn on our journey of being campground owners and meet many wonderful friends along the way.  Bell Falls was made into a beautiful family campground by the owners before us and they put so much time and love into this campground that it shows with the people that fill it every year with the sound of laughter,  the sounds of crackling fires at night, the sounds of children out playing and having fun.   We have kids day in June, X-Mas in July  complete with a sit down potluck dinner with turkey mashed potatoes and gravy followed by a visit from Santa himself.   Halloween in August where the kids dress up and trick or treat through the campground. These are just a few of our main events.  We also have fireworks on May opening weekend and Canada Day weekend.
If you haven’t camped with us before  we hope you will and look forward to meeting you and your family at Bell Falls Family Campground where friends and memories are made……….